Artist statement

I create paintings to recreate the mood of one present moment. My intent is to capture my feelings rather than a replica of an environment or person. I make connections between materialism, spirit and the purity of nature. I’m a spiritual seeker, and my quest to live aware and fully in the present moment inspires me to create pieces that capture those experiences. I most often work from themes that are peaceful, ethereal and a bit nostalgic. I express the push-and-pull of my love of nature to my love of material things, with elements of high-end fashion and architecture reoccurring in my work. That balance (or sometimes imbalance) is a core life lesson for me and contributes strongly to my subject matter.


I work mostly in acrylic and oil paint, sometimes utilizing mixed media elements such as paper or pencils. Most works are created on deep canvases with their sides painted in a color that best suits the mood I’m trying to create. I use color palettes that feel “right” rather than “true,” and they are often slightly too bright or unnatural. In my most current works, I’m using my photographs as references and adding text (often in the form of signs) to further inspire conversation.