Kacee Friedman (also known as Kaceesix) was born in upstate New York but, spent most of her life in Atlanta, Georgia. She spent her formative years in the backroom of her family's Frame shop and art gallery or creating her own artwork. After getting a degree in Fashion design she worked in the wardrobe department in feature films. Once in love with the creative energy of the movie business she also went back to school to also get a degree in Production.  Her journey lead to moving to Los Angeles where she worked for an agency, sexy women's clothing website and a design build firm where they created installs for art galleries. After a few years she returned home married the man of her dreams and had a beautiful son.

After, such a large life style change Kacee turned to back to her art and committed fully to her craft. For the last six years she's been painting and creating her voice as an artist. Her past seeps into her work in the form of fashion and narrative.  Her passion for creating had always been a part of her work she truely found her passion being a full time artist. She now works in her home studio with her two adorable dogs.